About Us

Welcome to Lokapriya.com.

Hello reader! As good manners indicate, l’ll introduce myself before anything else. My name is Lokapriya and I’m a geek! I love everything related to Technology. I love to try new tools or any other related technology. I really enjoy reading IT books and sharing things that I learn with my fellow colleagues. On the academic/professional side of things, I’m a Commerce Graduate working for a Private Firm as an Project Manager.

I am from Bangalore, the Capital City of Karnataka also called as the “Silicon city of India” . Well that’s about me and now a little about my blog and what I intend to write or rather scribble here. What is a blog? Answers for this I found at Blogger Site Which I paraphrase it here:

“A blog gives you your own voice on the web. It’s a place to collect and share things that you find interesting— whether it’s your political commentary, a personal diary, or links to web sites you want to remember. Many people use a blog just to organize their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands. Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news, while personal journals reveal inner thoughts.”

For quite a few years, I have been reading blogs and was always tempted to start one but could not understand where to start! Now after reading many blogs of different people, I have given to the temptation to writing blogs. And I find this interesting! I had written some random blogs now and then but wanted to write something for myself and continue with it.

I started blogging in 2007 where all of my entries has been lost in a tragic event in my host. I want to leave the world of personal blogs so here I am blogging my way to be a Professional Blogger. I blog about almost anything and everything.

Why Lokapriya.com

This blog is dedicated to helping others bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

This blog focus on Technology, Blogging & some General Topics too. Technology in the way I see it and the way I use it. Blogging in my own perspective and approach. Life – My journey to a better life and my views of this tricky game that usually gives challenges and hardships which always have a good end.

I sometimes posts rants and ramblings I may have. If I see something that’s worth blogging then I’ll rant about it here but if it’s something useless and waste of time and brain cells then it doesn’t have any space here.

This is my blog and all articles contained herein are my own opinion so as the comments of my readers. I own all the writings and pictures that are posted here with exception of some that are taken from their respective owners with permission. I reserve the right to ban anybody from commenting and remove spam comments or links posted by a commenter.

Having said that I should warn that if you have come here seeking some intellectual thoughts etc, you would be disappointed. For this is the place for me to put, for want of a better word (till I find one), lets say ‘catharsis’ of my thoughts. A place to record those so that I can rewind and read them whenever I want. If you want to share my emotions on science and my professional life and things that affect them, you can stay around. You are welcome to join and share yours too.

Lokapriya.com is a blog with own opinions, experiences and stuff I’m interested on. Have a great time people !!